1)  Be Mindful + Follow...

what health experts are asking you to do.


Yes, we’ve all heard it many times:

Wash hands regularly,

especially after touching things in public.

Apply hand sanitizers

Wipe down frequently-touched surfaces with disinfectant.

Use "social distancing" 

(i.e. staying 6 feet or 2 metres away from others).

Stay at Home

(in most places)

And now:

Use of face masks

(in the United States, but not generally in Canada


Each of these is important in stopping the spread of the coronavirus.  Why? Because the virus is believed to spread in two ways:


1) person-to-person, when people are in close contact with others.


2) from touching surfaces on which the virus lies, and then touching our own eyes, nose and mouth.

Yet the idea of standing away from other people can feel quite strange! We could be seen by others as odd, or that we don't care about them. Or it might seem unimportant to those of us who aren't sick. 

So why is social distancing – also called physical distancing – so important? Because the virus isn't just spread by people who are visibly ill. Anyone can carry the virus. And that means they, or WE, can pass it on to others without knowing.

Staying farther away from each other  reduces the likelihood of that.

Social distancing isn't meant to create social isolation, however. In fact,  in a time when fear is spreading even more than the virus itself, connection is more important than ever.

So why not think of our real goals this way: 

Create physical distance    +   Social/emotional connection.

Prevent the spread of the virus,  


growing the spread of caring and compassion.



"Being mindful" simply means being aware of what's happening around you, and the choices you are making -- so you can help stop this virus from spreading.

Here are some Tips for Remembering:


Whenever you are with others you don't live with...

Begin to notice how close you are to people:


when walking with someone,

in line-ups or aisles at the store,

in elevators,

being with friends,

with people at work,

even with family you haven't seen in awhile...


Can you choose to be a little farther away from them?


Four feet, five feet, six feet...

How far can you stretch it?


Please aim for six feet (2 metres)!

We know it feels uncomfortable.  But do it for others' sake...

for your own... and for your elderly relatives and friends. 


You'll actually be doing it for your whole community, your country, and our entire planet.

Kinda makes you realize how important your choices are, eh?


P.S. A note about "staying at home":

Some people have to stay fully at home, for example if you live in a city that's locked down. Or if you have a "Self-isolate" order, because you have recently returned from a trip out of country, or been in contact with someone who may have the coronavirus.

However, in most cities with stay-at-home orders, people can still go out for essential things, like food shopping and exercise. Please check your local city, state or province website for details.

What "Stay at Home" orders mean:


Wherever you live, staying mostly at home is recommended so as to minimize spread of the virus. But when you do go outside to walk, shop, or do the things you need to do....

Please remember to

keep your physical distance from others,

and take precautions

(as described above).

Note:  Information on this website may not apply to your local conditions.

For specific, up-to-date information that applies to your area,  please consult the websites for your local city, state or provincial, and federal governments.

For State-by-State information in the U.S.,

and Province-by-Province information in Canada,

click here.

Coronavirus hospitalizations are dropping because social distancing is working, from CNN.com (April 9th)



"We're seeing a rather dramatic decrease in the need for hospitalizations," said Dr. Anthony Fauci. "That means that what we are doing is working and therefore we need to continue to do it."

The power of staying at home, from World Economic Forum and thespinoff.co.nz


Power of staying home.JPG

It can feel scary at times. But...

rest assured, we will get through this.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, and Be Well !

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