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Taking Care of Ourselves

and Others


and Staying Sane

in these crazy times

5)  Give and Receive Emotional Support

We’re all feeling worried, scared or uneasy about what’s happening right now. It’s only natural.


Our normal way of life has been interrupted. It's the greatest disruption of our lifetime. We’re concerned about our health, that of loved ones; and about our jobs, income, savings, and economy.


Many of us are feeling overwhelmed, or powerless, to do anything to help. And we don’t know when it’s going to return to normal (or what that even means.)


To get through this, it helps to start taking steps like these:

- talk, express, share how we feel

- be heard, and hear others

- feel reassurance, encouragement and support

- feel hope for the future

- believe that we can help and contribute.


Giving and receiving emotional support are part of this. You’ll also find more under later sections: Spiritual Strength + Support, and Find Good News and Hope, and Help Others, as well.


So what can we practically do?

Talk with your friends, children, loved ones about what is happening

- Being listened to and heard grows a sense of connection.

- Ask people how they are doing, and feeling. Be present, and listen deeply to them.

- Share your experiences, thoughts, truths as well, if appropriate.

- Allow your own vulnerability through.

Resource: Talking to children about COVID-19 and its impact

Send + Give Love and Support to others

- Send thoughts of loving-kindness, healing, blessing, and empathy... and do small acts of caring, compassion, and support. There are so many who would benefit and appreciate them:

- family and friends

- the elderly, and those who are shut in

- the homeless

- healthcare workers

- retail workers... and many more 

- Tell others you appreciate them

- Say "thank you" more often


- Direct your loving thoughts and actions to people you know, and to people you don’t know – e.g. in your building, neighbourhood, community, region, country, and around the world


- These thoughts and acts enrich others... help to grow these qualities within ourselves...  and even strengthen our immune systems!

Be Inspired...

She’s 95. He’s 102. Their love still shines through the window of this B.C. care home, from the Victoria Times-Colonist

Hilda + Lew.png

Find Music that relaxes and uplifts you...

Calm the Mind, from Dan Gibson's Solitudes series

Nature sounds recorded by Dan Gibson, with music by Daniel May

A beautiful version of Hallelujah, by Roy & Rosemary

Find ways to Stay Connected...

1) Call your loved ones: whoever they are, and wherever they may be

- and say what you need or most want to say to them.

2) Connect with your neighbors

- have a coffee, drink or meal with them, over the phone

- stand in the hallway of your building, or across the front yard or back fence, and let them know you're there and you care

- drop off a little gift at their door.

3) Talk to people you get 'near to' (6 feet away, of course)

- in line-ups at the grocery store

- in elevators

- on the street


Ask how they're doing, how they're coping, or what they're thinking about all of this. It's normally hard for some of us to do this; but our walls are down more these days, so let's take the opportunity!

4) Share your stories, and Ask about theirs

- Click here for more about this one.

Take Emotional Care of Yourself...


See our tips in our earlier sections, such as Self Care, Nourish and Nurture Yourself, and Gently Look at Your Fears.

Read and Share Uplifting Stories

- like the one above, and those on our Good News and Hope page

Use your ‘lifelines’

- Call someone you trust about how you are feeling + thinking.

- Ask for advice from trusted people, if you’re not sure what to do.

- Listen to your inner wisdom + self, e.g. about what to do next, what to say, how much to buy, how to treat others.

- Call a crisis-line, or a professional, if you’re needing help.

Use ‘self-awareness/self-healing’ practices

- Go online to find videos and audio recordings that uplift, inspire and feel healing. Listen for those that resonate and feel right for you.


- visualizations / imagery / meditations for health, wellness, peace, calm 

- search YouTube for these words, and recordings

- see our list under Nourish + Nurture Yourself

- Use journalling. That is, let out your thoughts + feelings by writing them down on paper.

- Use affirmations or self-talk reminders. That is, practice saying to yourself ideas like: “I can choose to see peace instead of this.”  Or “I trust we will be okay.”

Consciously Shift from "Fear" to "Love"

Why is it, that in times of challenge or crisis, we get so caught up in worry, fear and anxiety?

As strange as it sounds, part of our mind feeds on fear. This fearful part of us actually wants more of it... and will tend to block out the healthy, calm part of our nature.

Here are some ways to help you 'turn off' this side, and connect to the deeper, calmer part of yourself:

Ask yourself: "What brings me peace and calm?"

- Take a few minutes to do some of these activities today.

Take time outside (if you can), to walk, breathe, connect with nature

- Remember to find places that are not crowded/close to others.

Listen to music that uplifts your spirits, nurtures your heart, and feeds your soul.

Look at beauty – in nature, around your home, in favorite pictures of your own, or in photos and videos online

And Remember the Beauty around Us

Beauty by Nature, Photos by...

Photos, and photography-put-to-music


You are resilient, courageous, powerful, creative and loved. 

You can uplevel your physical, mental and emotional self-care practices to have the energy you need to rise during this time. 


You can access your authentic power in the face of adversity. 


You are not alone, but are surrounded by resources. 


You can recover from any setbacks and losses. 


You can make a meaningful difference for others


And you can be a LIGHT in our world and rise into greatness in the midst of this storm. 


Claire Zammit, Feminine Power 

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