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Taking Care of Ourselves

and Others


and Staying Sane

in these crazy times

About This Site

On a Personal Note...

My ‘Gift to the world’


A few weeks ago, I heard reporters asking questions about what people can do to take care of their mental health during these crazy times, and what to do if we're afraid. For me the answers didn't go quite far enough, and I felt an inner prompt to do what I could to help. The result is this website.


These 10 steps come out of what has worked for me, and others I know, for many years. So I hope they will work for you. But please know they are just a starting place: Ways to discover what nurtures, inspires, heals, and really takes care of you. Follow those. It’s your own inner wisdom that’s most important now.


While preparing this site, I've seen loss and suffering, bewilderment and frustration. But I've also been moved to tears. Inspired with hope. And been witness to just how much people care and want to contribute. It’s an outpouring of the human spirit unlike anything I have seen in my lifetime.


So I invite you, in this “unimaginable time,” to find what touches your heart. Brings you to tears. Elevates your spirit, and inspires your confidence in humanity. And if you are so moved, to bring out your own gift(s) into the world. We need you.


Yes, we WILL get through this...

Take care, Stay safe,

and Be Well!


Eric Hellman

Vancouver, Canada


P.S. A note about the “we” in this:


This site is about the amazing work that so many people are doing, around the world. So to all of you, and to all those who have sent me this information, and to all those who have helped with ideas, edits and testing (with a wink to you, Sue)...



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