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Taking Care of Ourselves

and Others


and Staying Sane

in these crazy times

6)  Connect with Spiritual Strength + Support

By "spiritual", we are referring to the non-physical part of being human:


the love, energy, human spirit...

the greater presence, wisdom or consciousness

that connects and infuses

all of life.

In times like these, we are all pushed to find 'something more' within ourselves. Whatever we call it, we depend upon this strength, wisdom, or larger sense of being human to get us through.

We're also prompted to share it. And to support one another in growing it among us.

Whatever this is for you... opening our hearts wider to love... bringing compassion to others... healing ourselves... offering healing + spiritual support to those around us... growing our humanity... or shifting to a higher state of consciousness (or divinity) to deal with this problem... the time is calling us.

So what can we do?

1) Connect with that spiritual strength and support, in your own way. This might be through:

- prayer

- meditation

- contemplation, reflection

- writing

- reading

- use of affirmations, favorite sayings


2) Join with others who are sharing prayers or meditations (e.g. online, or at a regular time)


3) Find online recordings (YouTube) for “centering prayer” or meditation

4) Find and use favorite sayings, e.g. the Serenity Prayer

5) Regularly read favorite passages in books that bring solace, calm, peace, support + strength

6) If you have a regular spiritual or healing practice, use this time to strengthen it.

7) Listen regularly to your inner guidance, wisdom or intuition.

8) Send out your healing thoughts, prayers, and energy to others.

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Make me an instrument-R.JPG

Prayers, Wisdom and Reflections

For Nurses and Physicians, from "To Bend Light"

Jewish prayers from the heart and pen of Alden Solovy

Coronavirus Prayers and Reflections:

A compilation from (at


“May whatever arises serve the awakening of wisdom and compassion. May whatever is going on in our lives, whatever circumstances, may they serve." - Buddhist prayer

"If everything around you seems dark, look again.

You may be the light." - Rumi 


A Steady Heart in the Time of Coronavirus

by Jack Kornfield + Tara Brach

Part of Resilience in Challenging Times, from

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What More Can We Do?

Many of us have the belief that our thoughts, prayers and energy can contribute to healing in our world. These 'healing practices' come from many different faiths, cultures, traditions and belief systems.


Consider the one(s) that speak most to you: 

1) The Power of Prayer + Working with a Higher Power

e.g. Christian, Jewish, Islamic traditions; 12 step programs

2) The Power of Healing

e.g. Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, EFT, other practices

3) The Power of Meditation + Visualization

e.g. Buddhist tradition; guided imagery practitioners; Louise Hay

4) The Power of Opening Our Hearts

e.g. see Love in the Time of Coronavirus (below)

5) The Power of Miracles

e.g. A Course in Miracles students​

6) The Power of Indigenous Healing 

e.g. aboriginal, Native American, shamanic healing practices


7) The Power of Spirituality or Consciousness

e.g. other spiritual + religious paths; those who are 'spiritual but not religious'; those more scientifically-oriented. 

If you hold one of these beliefs, consider what you might do to apply it, right now, to help with the coronavirus pandemic.

This might be related to the spread of the coronavirus, or to people who are sick in hospital. It might be for those experiencing social isolation or financial challenges, or for the well-being of the economy as a whole. 

Here are some specific steps you can take:

​1) Choose a person, group, local condition or world situation that is meaningful to you.

​2) Choose your own way of 'healing' or giving support.

​3) Take time each day to focus your thoughts, prayers, intention on that situation or condition.

4) Afterwards, listen for other actions you feel moved to take.

Here are some groups to consider in your practice:

- the elderly

- people who work in hospitals + healthcare

- retail workers

- government leaders

- children, and parents

- people in prisons

- people in poorer countries

- countries with less developed healthcare systems

- anyone experiencing heightened fears, anxiety, or isolation.

Remember to let these blessings, prayers + healing in for yourself.

- Our world is restored by what we give to others... and what we let in for ourselves.

- It's dealing with our fears, anxiety and stress, our 'going crazy' with what's happening around us, where our own real power lies. That's why self care is so important.

Finally, a few additional suggestions:

- Allow yourself to be "stretched". That is, work with the highest level of prayer, healing, or consciousness that you know.

- Ask for guidance or direction on what to do. 

- Share what you are doing with others, and ask what they are doing.

And thank you for whatever you are doing!


Creating True Peace

Breathing in, I experience calm in me.

Breathing out, I smile to the calm in me.

Breathing in, I experience joy in me.

Breathing out, I smile to the joy in me.

Breathing in, I experience equanimity in me.

Breathing out, I smile to the equanimity in me.

Breathing in, I experience openness in me.

Breathing out, I smile to the openness in me.

Breathing in, I experience happiness in me.

Breathing out, I smile to the happiness in me.

- Thich Nhat Hanh

Love in the Time of Coronavirus, by Austin Repath

Stuck at home and feeling like there's nothing you can do to help?  What might be possible if we intentionally opened our hearts to others?


Consider this provocative idea...

Love during COVID19.JPG

For a Daily Spiritual Reading: 


See the Daily Word, from Unity


Look for "Today's Word" (on the left side, lower down), then click on "read more" below it (bottom right).

And a little Music to Inspire:

The Prayer, sung by Céline Dion and Andrea Bocelli 

(written by Carole Bayer Sager and David W. Foster)

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