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Taking Care of Ourselves

and Others


and Staying Sane

in these crazy times

10 Things You Can Do

Here are 10 things you can do to take care of yourself, and others, with a short description for each one. 

Clicking on the underlined text will then take you to a page with more suggestions – about how to put that idea into action. 

1) Be Mindful + Follow what health experts are asking you to do.

For example, social distancing, wearing masks, and washing your hands after being out in public.

Look, there's no way around it: These do restrict our normal behavior!

But rather than think of these as limiting our personal freedom, what if we saw them as ways to take care of each other... as ways to make a difference in the world... or things we can practically do to limit the spread of the virus (and get us back to "normal" sooner)?

Think about what you can do to stop the virus

while growing 

the spread of caring and compassion.

2) Practice Self-Care

When we get fearful or stressed, our body tenses up and our thoughts race. Remember to breathe. Find ways to relax your body and calm  your thoughts + emotions. Practice self-care and self-love.

3) Nourish and Nurture Yourself

Regularly ‘feed’ your body, mind, spirit. Take time to really enjoy your food. Uplift yourself mentally + emotionally. Look for beauty. Find humor. And nurture yourself with nature (even online).

4) Look Gently at Your Fears + Losses

It’s tempting to look away from things that worry or scare us, like the spread of the virus, loss of jobs and income, and loss of life. But the more we are able to see and feel them, the easier it actually is to cope.

5) Give and Receive Emotional Support

Get in touch with people who come to mind. Talk with others about how you are feeling. And send out thoughts of love + support to others.

6) Connect with Spiritual Strength + Support

Depending on your belief system, pray, meditate, or contemplate ideas  like wisdom, beauty or grace. Connect with something larger than yourself. Read favorite quotes or sayings which inspire you.

7) Stay Informed... but Watch Less News

Inform and educate yourself. But be aware when it becomes too much. Don’t get caught up in the frenzy or 'grip' of the news.

8) Find Good News + Hope, in the midst of what is happening

Watch for small signs of progress with the virus, finances, and the economy. Look for stories of people doing inspiring work, sharing things they love, and giving to others.

9) Help Others

Do what moves you. Share your gifts, assist people, and contribute in ways you can. Be inspired by what others are doing. Every bit helps. Giving strengthens our immune system, and others' well being too.

10) Use This as a 'Reset Button'

Take the time to pause + reflect on what’s important. Connect with those who matter to you. Consider how this might be used as a wake-up call, about the things we need to change in our lives.

And Some Final Thoughts...




We will get through this ! 

Find what YOU can do...

to take care of yourself in the best possible way...

and help others do the same.

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