1)  Be Mindful + Follow...

what health experts are asking you to do.


Information in your Area

For the United States:


State by State information and links can be found on the National Governors Association website:



1) Go down to "On This Page"

2) Click on "State Resource Pages and Select Actions" (see arrow)

3) This takes you to "State/Territorial Resource Pages"

4) Click on the State you want

National and State by State updates on coronavirus are also available on LiveScience.com


You can also use the search box to find your state:

- In Search box (upper right), search your state name + coronavirus

In Canada:

Province-by-province information and links can be found on a website created by Macleans magazine:

Coronavirus in Canada: How to get tested, what the symptoms are, where to get help.

This site provides links to provincial coronavirus websites, advice, requirements, who to call if you think you might have it, and more information.




1) Scroll down to the list of provinces

2) Click on the province you want, for links and information 

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