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Taking Care of Ourselves

and Others


and Staying Sane

in these crazy times


9)  Help Others

When we are traumatized, we feel a sense of powerlessness. We freeze. 

Part of healing trauma, and healing all fears,

is to connect in a way that engages. 

Each one of us brings a very true medicine to the world...

- Tara Brach

“To help yourself, help others.

Whatever good you do travels a circle

and returns to you many times over...”
- Dennis Gaskill 

“We're all going through this pandemic,

and things might seem really dark.

But when you're in dark situations...

if you can't find the light, be the light."
- Mariah Hargrove,

(of Resound, a singing group, on AGT) 

Helping people is one of the most effective ways we have to take care of ourselves. It improves our health and immune system. It makes us happier, give us energy and uplift our spirits. And it contributes to the well being of the person or people we help.

"But how can I help?" is a question many of us are asking. "What would be most helpful now?" Here are some ideas to answer those questions:


1) Help stop the spread of the virus

- This is the MOST important thing you can do. The more you follow the recommendations of your local government/health authorities, the more you can reduce the spread of the virus.


This includes Physical Distancing, Hand Washing, following Stay at Home orders, and Self-Isolating (if you’ve been out of the country or in contact with someone who has the virus).


See our Be Mindful and Follow page for more information.

2)  Think about and use your "healing gifts"

- both at a distance, or with those you’re physically close to

This might be:

- music, song, or art

- kindness, or caring

- humor + laughter

- your voice, or writing

- your creativity

- prayer, meditation, visualization

- Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and other healing practices

3) Help people who are affected by what's happening

- and since everyone is, there are lots of people you could help.

There are so many ways we can do this. Think about what would inspire, motivate and uplift you. Think about what you're feeling called to do. And start now.


- be a calm and healing presence, wherever you go

- call someone who is on their own

- offer to shop for someone who can’t or shouldn’t go out

- check into what support others would find helpful (e.g. making sure their medication supplies are up to date)

- say "thanks!" to your grocery store clerks

- talk with people who are concerned about the pandemic; give them good information about what to do, plus hope and good news as well

- how could you volunteer to help school children or parents cope?


- what can your business do to help: your employees, your customers, and the public?

- how could your company create some of the products and services needed by the health care system?


- is there something you can do to help the public cope, find joy, or get useful information? Look online at examples of what others are doing.

- offer your talents, gifts or loves to people online

- what skill do you have, or what do you love,that others would find helpful?

- who else in society do you feel for, and who you could help?

4) Consider some of these people, as you reflect on what you feel called or moved to do:

- your family, or neighbors

- the elderly

- children, and parents

- people who work in hospitals + healthcare

- retail workers

- people in prisons

- people in poorer countries

- countries with less developed healthcare systems.

Remember to think into what is happening for others.

This way you will better understand

their feelings, experiences, and needs.

Charities need your support right now too...

Social organizations are our 'frontlines' of helping others, and the economy has stopped for them too.

U.S. Survey: 73% of Nonprofits Have Already Canceled Fundraising Events Due to Coronavirus, Losing $644 Million, from

Want more specific ideas about who + how to help?

In the U.S.:

102 Ways to Give Back During the Coronavirus Pandemic,


Help Pets and Overwhelmed Animal Shelters Affected By Coronavirus, from

A guide to helping and getting help during the coronavirus crisis,

(regularly updated; a treasure-chest of groups and ideas!),


CNN-how to help.JPG

In Canada:

Where to donate and how to help Canada's most vulnerable,


Ideas and direct ways to give (donations may even be matched), from

Many ways of helping, from 

Canada Together - resources.JPG

Here's how individuals + groups are doing what they can...

Impact Your World: Rays of hope during the coronavirus, 


Storybook help.JPG
Laughter help.JPG
Saying goodbye.JPG

Celebrate the small victories together. Celebrate the new ways we are helping one another,

from and

Celebrate 50th birthday.JPG
Exercise help.JPG
Restaurant help.JPG
Rays of Hope

See which of these examples sparks your creativity!

We have a series of virtual book readings for you to enjoy, from NASA


Here’s the good some are doing to combat the fear and isolation of the coronavirus, from The Washington Post

"It’s the ‘tend and befriend’ response, which we are seeing happening around the world.” - Shilagh A. Mirgain, psychologist, University of Wisconsin

Cello-Maryland woman.JPG

How Can We Help One Another During the Coronavirus Outbreak?, Student Opinion, from New York Times

6 ways to help others during the coronavirus outbreak‘Everyone is a responder in this crisis’, from

How to Help-MarketWatch.jpg

Share Your Gifts + Love

Here are just two examples:


College Student Has Been Sewing Free Face Masks For Communicating With Hearing-Impaired Folks,



"Songs From Home Episode 4: This Is Love",

from singer + songwriter Mary Chapin Carpenter

Or perhaps your way of helping the world is just to be still for awhile...

Being still.jpg

"If you alone find inner peace, thousands around you will be healed."
 - St. Seraphim of Sarov

For more examples and ideas on what you can do to help

- personally, professionally, societally -

please see our Good News and Hope page.

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