Are you feeling...

Concerned about the spread of the virus, and the fear,

and how it's affecting you + your family?


Worried about the loss of income and work, your business,

or how it's affecting the economy?


Anxious (or numb) about what's happening around the world?

Here are some ideas that can help...

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect our lives, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with worry, anxiety, or concerns for the future.

So what can we do to deal with the fears and stresses that come up – as well as the practical issues of taking care of our lives – as we go through these uncertain times?


Begin with yourself.


Worry and fear reduce our ability to think clearly, choose wisely, and act effectively. They affect our peace of mind, and our confidence about being able to get through this. They even reduce our own immune system function and health.

Thus taking care of ourselves – by looking after our own well-being, and contributing to that of others – is the best way we can help to deal with this crisis.

This website offers practical ideas, suggestions and ways to do that.  We hope you find them useful.

So where do you want to start?

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10 Things You Can Do

Here's how you can take care of yourself, and others...

from self care to music, appreciating the beauty of nature (even while you're at home), staying connected, finding spiritual strength,

and things you can do to help others... 

10 Things You Can Do.JPG

Recent Progress and Good News


It's hard to stay up on all the progress we're making. But here are some of the

latest reports...

People helping People

"Rise Up New York" raises $115 million, from

A virtual telethon hosted by Tina Fey raises $115 million to support New Yorkers most impacted by COVID-19.

London's Wembley Stadium + food charities to provide 140,000 meals per week for the hungry, from

Progress with Spread of the Virus

Significant reductions in "confirmed new cases per day" -- over the past month -- in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Slovakia, Norway

Compiled from


To search information for your country, use this URL: country name

Progress with Finding a Vaccine

At least eight candidates for a coronavirus vaccine are in the clinical development stage, and some could be ready as early as the “late fall”, says Dr. Anthony Fauci, the United States' top infectious disease expert, from

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Feeling Anxious, Stressed,

or Physically Tight?


No, there's nothing wrong with YOU.

It's a natural reaction to being house-bound,

or when the world we know is turned upside down.

Here are some practical ways to deal with

the tensions, stresses and emotions that you're feeling. 

(A little Tip: When you can't go outside, go inside.)

Breathing exercise.JPG

Humor can help...


Does a chuckle help you cope when things get bad?

If so, here are some gentle pokes at your funny bone. 

CV humor-5.jpg
Dog driving.JPG

Coping with our Fears + Losses


This is a difficult time for many.

Would it help

to give yourself permission

to feel what you feel,  

and grieve some of what you've lost? 

Light a candle for your losses-1.JPG

More Stories of Hope

Sometimes we just need a little inspiration...

to see the good that's happening around us, and feel like there's hope. 


(Get ready, because there are lots!)

The Matterhorn in Switzerland is being lit up every day with signs and flags of hope. 

Capt Tom Moore.jpg

A 99-year-old British veteran hoped to raise $1500 to help his country's Health Service, and ends up raising over $20,000,000  (£19 m)  (April 15)

Captain Tom receives over 150,000 birthday cards on his 100th birthday  (beautiful video)

The funds & story keep growing (now over $40 million)  (May 15)

(see/read more here)

Ways We Can Help Others

One of the most powerful ways to get through a crisis is to feel we have a purpose.  How?

By seeing what we can do to help others.

Here are some ways to do that...


"What more can I do 

to make a difference?"

Here's a way to think of the power you have...

and maybe don't even know it. 


(click here)

Love instead of fear.JPG

Find out about Financial Help...

Financial Support, Assistance and Relief programs 

in the USA and Canada 

are available, and being expanded.

Here are some links to learn more.

Click here.

Copying and sharing of the information

on this site are encouraged.

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