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Taking Care of Ourselves

and Others


and Staying Sane

in these crazy times


3)  Nourish and Nurture Yourself

When we get worried, busy or afraid, we:

- forget to take care of ourselves.

- focus on problems and bad news. 

So take time regularly to ‘feed’ your body, mind and spirit.

Your Physical Self

- Eat food and drink liquids that make your body feel good

- Remember to take breaks to eat + drink.  When you do, give yourself to time to really enjoy it. Mindfully savour each bite and each sip.

- Don’t be afraid about turning to ‘comfort foods’, but do so in moderation

- Be gentle and compassionate with yourself when you over-do it

Resource: How to take a bite out of stress

- Shift from "consuming to appreciating"

- Watch your energy level, in whatever you're doing. Ask yourself: "Is this draining me or making me feel heavier?" "What enlivens me and helps me feel lighter?"

- Listen to your energy and body rhythms, and go with them

- When feeling tired, take a rest or nap. (You actually have time now!)

- When you feel stagnant or restless, get up and move.

- Make time to get outside (if you are permitted to)


- If you are housebound, think of what physical activities would bring you energy and joy, such as dancing (yes, even by yourself: a party for one), singing, playing music, tai chi, body movement

- While watching TV, consider doing some gentle (or active) exercises – e.g. stretching, yoga, walking, movement. (This helps keep the mind stay clearer and the body healthier.)

Your Mental/Emotional Self

- Look for inspiration and hope around us... 

(yes, including the coronavirus:  see our Good News and Hope page)


- Think of activities that would bring you:

- joy, laughter...

- rest, recuperation...

- stillness, gratitude...

- How could you bring more play into your day?

- Would you like to listen to more music? 

- Look for the beauty around you, whether indoors or outdoors

- Notice when you are starting to become ‘attached’ or ‘addicted’ to food, TV, news, etc. and take time away from them.

- Be mindful of what feels unhealthy and de-energizing, and turn to things that increase your peace, energy or vitality


- Consider using this as a time to slow down, reflect and be less busy. Have you been wanting to read, write poetry, paint, or do something you love? Are there things you’ve ‘been waiting to do’? Could you use this time to do some of these?

Your Spiritual Self

Don't worry about or get hooked on the word 'spiritual'. Think of the part of you that:

- is larger/greater than your physical self

- feels you are here for something more

- needs inspiration, stillness, peace, wonder, awe, love...

How will you feed this part of yourself?

Looking for Hope, Inspiration + Good News related to Coronavirus?

Spanish police sing to families during coronavirus lockdown in Mallorca, from The Guardian

Hungry for more hope?

See our Good News and Hope page here.

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- this international pioneer of Guided Imagery is offering a free daily guided visualization / meditation. New ones each day at Noon.

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