We can-heart-PBay

Taking Care of Ourselves

and Others


and Staying Sane

in these crazy times

"What can I do to help

or make a difference?"


When you can, act from:

Love instead of fear

We instead of just me


Throughout this pandemic, we’ve continually been told to reduce the spread of the virus by social distancing, wearing masks, not getting together in groups, and other measures. 

To most of us, that seems logical and makes sense. So why is it that...

some people aren't following it?

sometimes we are forgetting to do it?

some of us are starting to feel upset, angry, pissed off,

or frustrated about doing so???


Well, it's part of human nature



Here some ways of thinking about it that may be of help...

Human nature has two sides...

our ‘fearful side’ and our ‘loving side’.

When we see or experience a problem, we react or respond from one side or the other.

Our fearful side reacts this way:

Fight       (we get upset, angry, or flame others)
Flight      (we run away, deny, or avoid)
Freeze    (we don't do anything)

Frenzy    (we can't do 'enough')
Forget    (we lose sight of what's important)

This side of us wants to avoid the whole thing. Or it focuses only on our immediate needs, regardless of how this affects others.

This way of thinking initially seems to make a lot of sense! Take care of me first, punish the guilty, or forget about the whole thing and it will go away... 

Unfortunately, it doesn't deal with the problem... so it can still come back to bite us.

Fear-hands up.jpg

Our loving side responds this way:

Cares                (feels compassion and wants to help)
Connects        (with others, the world, and ourselves in a deeper way)
Cooperates   (to make things better, and find solutions)
Contributes   (with time, energy, ideas, $, whatever it can)

This side of us remembers what’s most important, and does what it can to create the world we really want to live in.

Taking care of yourself  and others comes this side of ourselves.

Caring-two friends.jpg

During the Coronavirus...


With each challenge that comes up, we continually get to choose:

Which ‘side of me’ will I respond from?

Will I act from my ‘fear-based’ – and ME first – state of mind?


(Also called our 'separate self', because it separates us from others.)

If I do, this will probably result in:

Less social distancing

Not staying at home

Getting more upset with other people

Staying isolated and not connecting in other ways

Not taking care of myself

Forgetting to wash hands, clean surfaces, etc.


...even though these may lead to greater spread of the coronavirus, greater possibility of infection, increased pressure on health care staff and resources, and more illness and deaths. 

Or will I act from my “loving” – and WE first – part of my thinking?

(Also called our'connected self,' because it connects us with other people and our world.)

If I do, this will most likely result in:

Remembering to follow health guidelines

Taking care of myself in healthy ways

Finding ways to uplift myself and others

Taking care of my emotions

Listening to others

Contributing in ways that I can.

So here's a question worth considering:


Which one do you think will get us out of our homes

and back to "normal" sooner?


("Objection your honor: Leading the witness!"

 Well okay, you're right....)

"Does that mean I'm wrong or bad...  

IF I'm feeling afraid, alone, angry,

or pissed off with what's going on?"

NO..... Absolutely not.

We’re not trying to say you shouldn't feel these ways. You're HUMAN, just like the rest of us. And we all experience both sides, right?

Each of us is going to want to forget, fight, or run from this at times.

We’re going to want to get out of the house, back to work, or back to all of the other things we like to do... as soon as we can to get out of this  #%$@&*#%$%  situation! (Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!)  (Sorry...)

These thoughts + feelings are going to come up in all of us. 

The question is, how will we respond to them?


This site is about simply about giving you more options. Ways to become aware of which "side" of you is directing your actions.  Helping you to consciously choose HOW you want to respond. And finding ways to feel healthier, happier, more inspired, and more empowered... as long as this crisis lasts.

The goal is to help us all get through this faster, with less pain, illness, and death... 

...get back to work and friends and sports and coffee shops and all the other things we want to do, sooner....


...and prevent the spread of the virus (now and in the future) as much as we possibly can.


Does that make any sense?

We hope so!

Take care, Stay safe, and Be well.

Love ya.