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Taking Care of Ourselves

and Others


and Staying Sane

in these crazy times


4)  Look Gently at Your Fears + Feelings

Questions for Self Reflection

Here are some questions to help you become more aware of your thoughts and feelings related to the coronavirus:


1) How have you been personally affected by this?

            - restrictions on your lifestyle

            - loss of income, job, or business?

            - someone you know or you’re close to has the virus

            - you’ve lost someone you love

What feelings come up as you think about these?



2) What does it feel like to not:

            - have your normal routine

            - be working regularly

            - be as busy or active as you were before

            - get together with friends

            - see your elderly loved ones or family

            - go outside

            - go to coffee shops, the pub, restaurants, the gym

            - go shopping, or to the mall

            - go to sporting events, your favorite park or beach?

3) What’s it like to be at home:

            - by yourself for so long, without an outside focus?

            - with family, children, or partner, all day long?

4) How are you feeling as you:

            - watch the virus grow in your city, country or around the world?

            - see the pictures and stories on the news?

            - hear predictions of how how long we may be affected?

5) What feelings are coming up as you think about the coronavirus, and all the changes you are going through?

Consider words like these:  frustration, sadness... loss, grief... anger, rage, hate... powerlessness, numbness... worried, afraid...

6) Are past losses also coming up, as you reflect reflect on these questions?

This is common. It just helps us to become aware of what other issues in our life still need healing.


7) Are there other questions you wish someone would ask you?

8) How can I turn my loss or grief into purpose? Is there something I'm feeling moved to do to help someone else? 

Breathe gently-1.JPG

These questions are intended to help you become aware of what you are feeling inside.


But please don't feel any pressure to uncover or 'dig deep' into anything. Just let what is there come up.

As you read and reflect on them:

- Remember to breathe...

- Gently let up your feelings and thoughts. Notice them. Feel them. But don't feel that you have act on or respond to them. Just let them be.

- Write down your thoughts + feelings, if you find this is helpful.

- Allow yourself to start to grieve some of the things and people you’ve lost...

Afterwards, if you are able to:  

- Play some music, have a shower, get outside + walk, go for a drive... whatever helps you relax, and allows more thoughts and feelings to come up in a safe environment

If you are feeling the need, seek out support + help:

- Talk with someone, e.g. friends, confidants

- Turn to online resources

- Search out "help lines":  people you can call and talk with

- Get in touch with professionals, like counselors and therapists

(Also see more ideas on our previous page)

Take care of yourself in healthy ways... instead of letting unconscious feelings and fears hurt you, or others.

When you are ready, ask yourself:

How can I help someone else who is hurting?


One of the most empowering ways to deal with loss, grief, fear or helplessness is finding ways to help others.

You can get more ideas about this on our "Help Others" page.

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