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What issues are you facing?


“I have a vision/idea, but don’t know how to make it real.”
“I’m having problems getting people to listen, or change.”
“I’m experiencing a lot of conflict with others.”
“My ideas are a bit radical. How do I express them, let alone bring them into my life/work/world?” 
“I’m feeling alone. Where can I find people who ‘get me’?”

These are some of the issues I’ve faced in my life and career, in trying to improve my own relationships, work, self and society. And they’ve pushed me to find new ways of thinking that work more effectively, and produce less conflict in my life. 

Here are some steps that have helped me, and which I've used with others, to create change:

- finding our voice, and expressing what matters most to us. 
- putting our ideas into action, and bring them into our work, life & world. 
- communicating (and marketing) in ways that align with our values.


- developing new insights for dealing with intractable problems.
- applying our ideals, aspirations and values in practical ways.
- overcoming roadblocks, and dealing with the challenges we encounter in change.
- having someone to talk with, who understands us and what we aspire to do/be.

In what area(s) are you wanting to create change?

Personal Life / Relationships

Work /

Non-Profit Activities

Environment /

Social Change

Consciousness /


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