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Conscious Change:
What It Is  -and-  How it works

The challenges we face in improving our work, relationships and society are many. But the most frequent common denominator I've found is this:


It's not just WHAT we do that makes a difference.
(i.e. our programs, products, services, strategies, etc.)

It's also HOW we do it.

That is, how we think about & treat each other.


Strange as it may sound, it's the thinking behind our actions that shapes our outcomes most. Why? Because this is what guides what we do, the products & services we sell, the content of our programs, how we implement & communicate them, and the ways we treat other people. And therefore the results that we get.

So how do we combine the two... so our thinking leads to the most effective actions and 'healing' change possible?

The Purpose 

Conscious change is about becoming more conscious of our own thinking & behaviour, and that of others... e.g.

What helps us to change, and what gets in our way?

What helps other people, and what blocks them?

...and then using these insights to create positive change, for all of us. 


Asking questions like these helps connect us to a deeper part of ourselves. (It's sometimes called our whole mind, larger mindset or true self.) This, in turn:

- connects us to our core values (e.g. love, respect, shared interests, collaboration)

- gives us insights into what to do and how to do it,
- brings us ideas that actually work better,

- helps us communicate more effectively, and 
- fosters connection, understanding and better relationships with others.


It also engages our desire to:

- help people (rather than change them),

- see from their perspective,

- encourage them to listen to & act on their own inner wisdom, and

- support them in growing & changing in ways that work best for them.

And this helps others to connect with their 'larger' mindset or self as well.

Growing this consciousness not only shapes our personal choices and actions in beneficial ways. It contributes to a collective consciousness shift, because it is based on a shift within each of us:  from our separate, conflicted self  -to- our whole, connected SelfAnd it is this shift of mind, from "fear to love" or "separateness to connection," that creates more of the positive change we want to see in our lives and our world.

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