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We Are More...

In 1973, I had a profound shift in consciousness which changed the course of my life. 

It was a week before I was to start a Science & Mathematics program in first year university. Standing on a beach that afternoon in September, I had a spiritual or “oneness” experience – plus an inner knowing that I needed to go into environmental studies instead. Following that knowing, I began doing work that I loved more than anything I'd ever done. And it allowed me to accomplish some things that 'made a difference' and which I will remember forever.

Nine years later, I had another, quite-different consciousness experience. This one led me out of environmental work and into another exploration – to understand the deeper nature of the problems in our world, and to test how we can create change differently.

Since that time, I have had many other experiences, through dreams, intuitive knowings, healing experiences and more. These have shifted my thinking, my relationships and my work; and even more than that, my understanding of who/what we are and how life works. Yet because of my parental upbringing and a traditional scientific worldview, these have been very difficult for me to accept.

What I have learned over the past 40+ years is that:

a) we are more than our bodies and our intellect. We are physical, mental, emotional and, yes, spiritual beings. (By "spiritual," I mean that our true essence is non-physical. It is based in a 'larger' mind, consciousness, being or awareness... that some call "God", and others have no name.) 

b) the only way we will be able to solve the many personal, interpersonal and societal problems we face is by working on ALL of these levels.

These things are often not easy to talk about, especially in professional circles, but even sometimes with friends. They touch something so deep in our beliefs that we may fear ridicule or criticism if we express them. That is one of the reasons it's taken me so long to 'go public' with this work. And it is also why I now need to... so as to contribute the best I have to offer, to keep myself growing, and to encourage & support others to do the same.

This is not to impose any kind of "religious beliefs" on anyone. Just the opposite. It is to open up the deeper parts of ourselves and life. Give us access to all of the powers within us to change, heal and transform our world. And encourage each person to experience and describe it in their own unique way.

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