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In the 1970s & early '80s, I was doing work I truly loved – in environmental communications and waste recycling. At the same time, however, my professional & personal lives were in deep conflict. 

A shift in thinking helped me to change my approach, with better results and significantly more peace of mind. And it eventually led me into a larger exploration, guided by three questions: 

“How can we create change at a deeper level, with less conflict?”

“Why are there so many problems in the world, and

how do we get to the root of them?”

“What is the consciousness shift many say is needed, and

how do we help to create that?”


These have been the core questions which guided the development of "conscious change." And below are some of the projects & experiences which became the testing ground for it.


(more details and links to come)

Creating the first Blue Box Recycling program... and “You can make a difference”

The International Day of Peace event at Expo '86

Growing a “Conscious” Small Business

Turning a Business Failure into a Business Success

Creating a Consulting Trip to Australia... in three weeks

Leadership from Within: Writing a Bestselling Book

Accepting & Expressing My Spirituality 



Spirituality at Work

Helping a Couple to Cope with Dementia

Turning a “Love of Nature” into a New Business

(more details and links to come)

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