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What is Conscious Change?


Conscious change is about the ‘thinking behind the change’ we want to make in our lives and our world.

For example, understanding what motivates and what blocks us from making change, so we can do it more easily ourselves and be more effective at helping others.



The focus is on shifting our own thinking and approach first, rather than on trying to change others.

For example: 

1) Connecting to what we love/care about. Listening to our intuition and deeper wisdom within. Becoming ‘the change we want to see’. Being clear on the consciousness (values & thinking) we want to grow in the world. And choosing actions which are aligned with this.


2) Listening deeply to others’ needs. Seeing the highest in them. Creating ‘bridges of understanding’ in how we communicate. And supporting others to get more of what they want in life.


It also rests on a some key insights about human nature, which I didn’t know when I first started to actively try and change my life: 

1) How we treat people shapes their thinking and behaviour.


2) We all have a split within us:  a loving side and a fearful side; an ‘ego or separate’ self and a ‘whole or connected’ self. But we have a choice about which side, self or mindset guides us. 


3) The mindset we choose influences all of our decisions, choices and actions. It also affects how happy and effective we’re going to be in the long term, and the level of conflict we experience in our lives.


4) We are connected in consciousness. As a result, it’s not just our actions but our thoughts that affect others and the world around us. (Yes, that one has been a major shift in thinking for me too.)


What I’ve learned is that by consistently choosing the consciousness of love, caring, compassion, collaboration and connection – and releasing our fear-&-separateness-based thinking, blocks and beliefs – we can be more effective in creating the change we want.


It also engages others more, and supports this same consciousness in them... thereby helping them experience the power they have to make a difference and shape their lives. And it contributes to creating a ‘consciousness shift’ in our world.

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