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in our Work, life & World

“I want to see positive change so much...



You're not alone.

We all do.

Whether it's a safer & healthier planet, better relationships,

more engaging work, or a richer & happier life,

we all want to see change in the world.

Yet sometimes what we do to create it doesn't work as effectively as we'd like.

It may even bring more conflict, frustration or resistance from others.

How can we understand "people and change" better,

so our efforts bring more of the results we want?

What is Conscious Change?


Conscious change is about becoming more aware of the impacts of our thoughts, choices & actions on others.

It's also about understanding what encourages or blocks people in making change -- so we can create more of the life WE want and help others do the same.

And it goes much deeper than that. It's about creating a consciousness shift in our own lives + around our  planet.

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Why is making change in life Often so hard?


Getting people to agree, act, buy or think differently often meets with resistance. Therefore lasting change requires more than just "convincing" people to do something we want.


Conscious change is about working with the inner motivation of each person, so we can create better results and less conflict together.

“I'm doing my best... 

But what I'm doing doesn't seem to be working.”


We all hit this place.

Sometimes, our best attempts don't bring the results we want...

or they cause too much stress or conflict in our life.

How can I use conscious change to change my results?





Eric is a change+communications coach with over 40 years' experience working for change in many different fields, from environment and business to spirituality. Co-founder of the world's first Blue Box recycling program...



& Communications

Sometimes it helps to have support in making the changes we'd like to see in our life, work and world. What kind of assistance would You find helpful? 

Finding Purpose + Direction

Bringing passion or spirit into work

Marketing & communications
   aligned with your values

Project design + implementation

Engaging people + inspiring change

Dealing with conflict and resistance

Connecting more effectively with others

Having someone who will listen to...

   and help you hear your own truths


Talks, workshops

& Conversations

What Do YOU Love?

(aka: Seven Secrets for Change)

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