Human Nature

Background Insights

The Two Mindsets

The separate or ego mindset (or "self") is driven by fear, lack and not being or having enough. To be satisfied, we believe we must get what we need from others, and this immediately puts us in conflict. It also experiences a sense of powerlessness within - a belief that we can't really change our situation and circumstances. This makes us feel deeply anxious. And it pushes us to try and gain power from others, and to control their behaviour, so we will feel safe & secure.

The connected or whole mindset (or "Self") is motivated by caring, compassion and an inner sense of fullness. It knows that how we treat people and nature has a major impact on our well being. It also sees the source of power, happiness and wisdom as within. These beliefs lead us to try to understand & help others to fulfill their needs - and by so doing, meet our own as well.

The whole mindset/Self is calmer, clearer and more connected to the larger wisdom and power within us. Thus it is much more effective in dealing with issues that arise. 

Yet most often, we respond with our separate mindset/self when faced with a problem. (e.g. personal, health, financial, inter-personal, environmental, societal or political) And this is why our problems continue to grow... because we are attempting to solve them by using the same mindset that created them.

The Mindset We Use... is the One We Grow

Each time we use a mindset, we grow or reinforce it (in ourselves and others).


Which one do we use the most?

Which is most prevalent in our world?

How might we shift that?

Our Actions Express Our Mindset

Each action we take expresses the thinking or mindset behind it.


For example, when we say what we don't really mean (i.e. act from our separate mindset), people feel it. This in turn breeds doubt, fear and a lack of trust (the same mindset) in them.

When we act from our whole mindset -- e.g. by speaking honestly and authentically -- people respond from theirs. They relax, open, trust and believe us more.

Either way, the consciousness we use to guide our actions grows this same consciousness around and within us. Fear and lack. Or trust and love.