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About this show

Canada: From Sea to Sea to Sea is designed to celebrate the beauty of our country today, and every day... for years to come.

This 53-minute show has over 650 photos, put to music from every region and created by some of the country's finest musical artists.


From pictures in Space (by Chris Hadfield) to the mountains of Nunavik (do know where that is?)... Niagara Falls in ice/snow to the Northern Lights of the Yukon... this show has something for everyone. The pictures were taken by hundreds of photographers across Canada, plus historic photos (as early as the 1800s), some of my own, plus family photos dating back to the 1950s.

The show can be shown from start to finish - or with several breaks for audience members to talk about the photos, places and music, plus their favourite memories and experiences of this land we call home. (see more below)

Viewers comments have included "a tour de force", "loved the music!"

and "it makes me proud to be a Canadian"......

show Length &
Audience Participation

Enjoying the wonder of Canada is more than just watching good pictures. It's about remembering the memories and experiences stored inside each one of us... and having opportunities to share these with others.

Therefore this program can shown in three ways:

    1) 1 hour, with no breaks.

    2) 1.25 hours, with one break mid-way for audience participation.

    3) 1.5 hours, with two breaks for sharing.

To maximize audience participation -- i.e. people sharing THEIR stories & experiences and listening to others' -- we recommend the longer presentations.

Canada: From Sea to Sea to Sea is an ode to the beauty of our land, a reminder of how fortunate we are and an encouragement not to take it for granted. 

I hope this show will touch each person's love of the country, and encourage them to do what they can to care for & contribute to it.

Eric Hellman 

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A special note of thanks to all the photographers (on, and

who allowed use of their photos for this show to be created.

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