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A New Photo-Music show
by eric hellman




From Sea to Sea to sea

This 50-minute show combines beautiful, fun and memorable photos with music from artists across the country.

Just completed, it is now available for showing to your group, centre or seniors' residence.

For Your Group

Canada: From Sea to Sea to Sea will be shown primarily to Seniors groups across the Greater Vancouver area. More than just celebrating Canada's 150th birthday, it is intended as an ongoing reminder of the beauty of our land.

This 1-to-1.5-hour presentation includes the 50-minute photo-music show, plus breaks along the way for people to talk about their favourite photos, places, music and memories of Canada.

To book this show for your residence, home or group, please contact Eric Hellman (see bottom of page). We welcome requests from other organizations as well.


In order to present the show to more homes and audiences, we are inviting organizations and individuals to sponsor it.

If you are interested in supporting the show - or communicating your services to Seniors in the BC Lower Mainland - please call Eric at 778-379-8344 or email him at see the bottom of this page).

You can also sponsor it directly by clicking below:





Eric has a passion for nature and a love of Canada. He has travelled to nine provinces, and lived in five major cities. During the past decade, Eric became an avid nature photographer. And over the past five years, he has been creating photo-music shows, which he has just started to show publicly. 

More Shows for your Group

After moving to the West Coast in 2016, Eric created Progressions: A Year of Nature in Vancouver as a way of sharing the beauty of his new home with others.

This show is also now available for groups - as part of a one-hour presentation exploring the four-seasons beauty of this incredible region.


Click here for Eric's photo website

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