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program 1: nature in vancouver

(also called

The Beauty of Nature)

About this

This 1.25 -to- 1.5 hour presentation combines four photography shows:

1) Progressions, a 23-minute show about the beauty of nature in the Vancouver region.

2) The Full Moon, a 6-minute look at the full moons and lunar eclipse of 2018.

3) Memories of December, a 7-minute show about the many types of beauty in nature during this last month of the year.




Each show is accompanied by a full music soundtrack.


Between shows, Eric invites people to take part -- by sharing their own reflections and memories of nature throughout this region, while learning more about the photos and how to see their world with new eyes.

This program can be shown as a 1.25 or 1.5-hour presentation, depending on your audience. Longer shows allow for more time for audience participation and engagement.

4) Summer Turns to Fall, a 6-minute show about the rich colours all around us during this change of seasons.

Viewers comments have included "enchanting,"

"a visual feast," "serene & beautiful", 

and "a healing experience"......

program 2: 




About this

Canada: From Sea... to Sea... to Sea is a 53-minute tour of the entirety of Canada! With 650+ slides and over 12 pieces of music, it gives audiences a reminder of the vastness and beauty of our country.

It can be shown in three ways:


1) A one hour presentation, with no breaks.

2) A 1.25-hour presentation, with one break mid-way for audience participation.

3) 1.5-hour presentation, with two breaks for maximum audience involvement.

One of the highlights of this show is the memories it touches in those who see it. During each break (and after the show), Eric invites people to share their own memories and experiences of Canada.

If you would like to see your audience members engaged in sharing THEIR stories and listening to others', we recommend the longer presentations.

Viewers comments have included "a tour de force", "loved the music!"

and "it makes me proud to be a Canadian"......

coming Soon:

Two New programs

The Four Seasons

The Beauty of Ice and Snow

The Gift You Are

Celebrating Family 

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