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About the
Progressions Show

This 23-minute show explores all four seasons of the year in Vancouver. Photographed by Eric Hellman over a 13-month period, these 200+ pictures range from snow on the Lions & beside English Bay, to rhododendrons and tulips in Stanley Park; summer sunsets on Kitsilano Beach to Great Blue Herons, Canada Geese and autumn colours. The entire show is set to enchanting music and nature sounds.

Viewers comments have included "enchanting,"

"a visual feast," "serene & beautiful", 

and "a healing experience"......

This show is then combined with two more shows -- The Full Moon, and Memories of December -- to give your audience an hour-long program that combines beauty in both nature and music.

​After each show, Eric invites people to share their own reflections, memories and experiences of nature (and Vancouver) -- and learn more about the photos, music and locations.

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